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Stand out from the shelf and take advantage of best-in-class adhesives that work beautifully across a multitude of surfaces and applications. From our innovative holographic papers and films to our durable label adhesives, our Select Solutions™ offer unique packaging options and custom label solutions that enhance brand reputation and appeal.

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Select Solutions™ Mix & Match™

Looking for a durable goods labeling solution? Find a facestock and adhesive combination you like but need it on a film liner? Avery Dennison’s Select Solutions Mix & Match options can help you find the right construction – fast! Mix & Match lets you choose from a set range of label constructions created to address your unique application and performance needs. Select from foils, films, metalized films, papers and more in combination with some of our best-performing adhesives and liners. Mix & Match gives you the benefit of a customized label solution with low minimum order quantities, rapid pricing and delivery you expect.

Select Solutions™ Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions is a service that helps you develop custom products that differentiate your business and grow your bottom line. Our Sales team is dedicated to helping you be first to market with solutions meeting your clients' needs. If you have a need, please contact your local sales representative.